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Crunchmetric FAQ

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Is Crunchmetric the right tool for my team / for my company / for me? #

Most likely the answer is: No, it is not. If your goal is “employee engagement”, then you should try a more traditional tool that is targeting HR departments.

If you are looking for some nice charts to present to management, then Crunchmetric is probably not a good fit either.

However, if you truly want to help your team be more effective, if you truly want honest feedback, and you are willing to actively engage with that feedback, then Crunchmetric may be right for you, and you should give it a try!

Will Crunchmetric make my team happy? #

No. Crunchmetric is just a tool. You and your team will have to put in the work. If your team is not able to improve, – either because of a dysfunctional company culture or because of a dysfunctional team – then Crunchmetric is not going to be a magic fix for your problems.

Will Crunchmetric improve team morale? #

No. See the previous answer.

I lead a team. Should I use Crunchmetric? #

Maybe. Here is a simple test. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Am I able and willing to handle honest, possibly negative feedback?
  2. Am I able and willing to actively engage with the feedback on a regular basis?

If you emphatically answer “yes” to both questions, then congratulations. Crunchmetric is the perfect tool for you and your team. (Also, congratulations to your team, you sound like an awesome team lead!)

If your answer is “no” to both questions, then don’t waste your time trying to use Crunchmetric. This tool is not for you.

If you couldn’t give a clear answer, or answered one question with a “yes” and the other with a “no”, then I would caution you to carefully consider if you want to try Crunchmetric with your team.

I am uncertain if I should try Crunchmetric. Any advice? #

If you are leaning towards trying Crunchmetric, but you are not sure if you are able and willing to deal with honest feedback, then this is the approach I would suggest:

  • Be open with your team and tell them about your doubts if Crunchmetric is the right fit.
  • Tell them you want to try collecting honest feedback using Crunchmetric for X weeks.
  • Tell them that you will make a decision at the end of those X weeks.

This should set clear expectations with your team and lead to less friction, in case you cannot handle the feedback that your team provides.

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